How it all began

My passion for Jack Russell Terriers began in October of 2000 when Miss Moneypenny di Moncalvo (Penny) arrived into our lives thanks to a dear friend. At the time our home was inhabited by a couple of Chesapeake Bay Retrievers and a Bassett Hound, dogs of a very different physical presence if compared to little, sweet Penny who thus accompanied us everywhere: she's been with us as far away as Peru, to the mountains in winter and the seaside in summer.

In 2003 I took Andrea Crosta's advise and bred Penny with Pixel, a very sound dog owned by Pietro Carlomagno: four male puppies were born at the end of March 2003, amongst which was Seneca di Villa Bosi, the beautiful stud belonging to Dr. Luigi Marangoni, my dear friend and Vet.

In 2005, always following Andrea's advise, I took Penny to the Lantaka Kennels ( where she was bred by multi champion Myrmidon Jack Pete, a stunning rough coated male of Australian origin. That same day I also fell in love with a small puppy named Lantaka Nightingale, whom we would call Nixon (It.Ch. Lantaka Divina x Tiroan/JR Friar Tuck), and took him home. Out of this breeding, Zeta was born in August of 2006, and I decide to keep her to pursue my dream: the breeding of sound Jack Russell Terriers.

In 2007 I bred Penny with Nixon and in April Scout di Villa Bosi was born, the family's only tri-colour. Having spayed Penny, who is now a fantastic grandma', in 2008 I bred Zeta to Nixon and in November Mia and Whisky are born.

And the story continues...

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