The Girls

Miss Moneypenny di Moncalvo (Penny)
Born on 4th August 2000
Deceased on 3rd March 2013
Bice x Teddy
RSR n. LI0692515

Dennis Cooper got Penny as a Stud Fee on Teddy with Bice, the daughter of Audrey (di Moncalvo) Andrea Crosta's beloved bitch. She arrived at the beginning of October 2000 and looked like a small stuffed animal. Penny immediately took to our life style: travels to Peru, holidays in the mountains in winter, the seaside in summer, weekdays in the city and weekends in the country, not to mention the jumping competitions she attended with my daughter and I. Always with a very British 'aplomb', and loads of sense of humour and adaptability.

Today, after three whelps, she enjoys life being a very patient albeit firm great grandmother, and is always the one to lead the pack when running in the garden!

The Boys

Lantaka Nightingale (Nixon)
Born on 26th August 2005
Ch. It. Lantaka Divina x Tiroan/JR Friar Tuck
ROI n. LO 0635462
DNA registered

With Nixon it was 'love at first sight'...
I went to the Lantaka Kennels in Molinella di Budrio (BO), advised by Andrea Crosta, to breed Penny with Aust. and It. Ch. Myrmidon Jack Pete; as I was walking towards the gate, I saw a beautiful bitch who had clearly just weaned her puppies, and asked Giovanna if she had any puppies available. She went into the house and emerged after a while with two puppies in her arms: a tri colour female and a white/tan male... That same afternoon Nixon joined our family.

Today, this fine young dog has bred a number of females and sired some thirty puppies, all very sound both in body and mind.

Nixon was proclaimed Italian Veteran Champion in February 2017, adding to his Championships in Peru, Slovachia, Switzerland, Croatia and Americas&Caribe 2015

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