The Boys

Lantaka Nightingale (Nixon)
Born on 26th August 2005
Ch. It. Lantaka Divina x Tiroan/JR Friar Tuck
ROI n. LO 0635462
DNA registered

With Nixon it was 'love at first sight'...
I went to the Lantaka Kennels in Molinella di Budrio (BO), advised by Andrea Crosta, to breed Penny with Aust. and It. Ch. Myrmidon Jack Pete; as I was walking towards the gate, I saw a beautiful bitch who had clearly just weaned her puppies, and asked Giovanna if she had any puppies available. She went into the house and emerged after a while with two puppies in her arms: a tri colour female and a white/tan male... That same afternoon Nixon joined our family.

Today, this fine young dog has bred a number of females and sired some thirty puppies, all very sound both in body and mind.

Nixon was proclaimed Italian Veteran Champion in February 2017, adding to his Championships in Peru, Slovachia, Switzerland, Croatia and Americas&Caribe 2015


Seneca di Villa Bosi
Born on 26th March 2003
Deceased on 26/04/2017
Miss Moneypenny (di Moncalvo) x JRT Pixel
RSR n. LI 0584389
DNA deposited








Nobu (di Villa Bosi)
Born on 6th December 2009
Zeta (di Villa Bosi) x Lantaka Nightingale
RSR n. LI 10158674

2* Excellent, Junior Class, 34a National Dog Show Biella 2011
Judge: Mr. Franco Gatti "Very typical male. Correct head. Eyes could be a bit darker. Correct bone structure. Moves well."






Jumping Jack Flash di Villa Bosi “Jack”
Born on 23 September 2013
Sup Aust Ch Whatajack Rebel x Zeta

Jack is a marvellous dog! He has a happy-go-lucky disposition and is very much loved by the whole pack. Born after crossing Zeta to Supreme Australian Champion, reserve WW13 Whatajack Rebel, he is a portly dog; probably a bit large if we go by the FCI 345 Standard, but he will be used to give bone and structure to smaller, lighter bitches. I am still undecided if it would be better to use him on Mirtilla or Mela, or both...
Taking advantage of his XXL size, Jack has been doing working trials on foxes and in only four outings, finished his Italian Working Championship very easily in BhFk/95. In September he produced a very correct litter with Blueberry Dream, out if which Kuki was born.

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