The Girls

Miss Moneypenny di Moncalvo (Penny)
Born on 4th August 2000
Deceased on 3rd March 2013
Bice x Teddy
RSR n. LI0692515

Dennis Cooper got Penny as a Stud Fee on Teddy with Bice, the daughter of Audrey (di Moncalvo) Andrea Crosta's beloved bitch. She arrived at the beginning of October 2000 and looked like a small stuffed animal. Penny immediately took to our life style: travels to Peru, holidays in the mountains in winter, the seaside in summer, weekdays in the city and weekends in the country, not to mention the jumping competitions she attended with my daughter and I. Always with a very British 'aplomb', and loads of sense of humour and adaptability.

Today, after three whelps, she enjoys life being a very patient albeit firm great grandmother, and is always the one to lead the pack when running in the garden!


Zeta (di Villa Bosi) (RSR di II generazione)
Born on 20th August 2006
Miss Moneypenny (di Moncalvo) x Myrmidon Jack Pete
RSR n. LI0743077

After an all male litter, Penny finally whelped a female whom I decided to keep to continue her bloodline. Zeta grew with two male brothers and has always been a bit of a tomboy; a bitch with enormous personality and drive, judged at Dog Shows as being a bit 'masculine', Zeta is a fun and challenging dog to live with!
Bred to Nixon for three times, she has always whelped magnificent puppies, both in structure and mind, who are very good ambassadors both to the Jack Russells as a breed as well as to my breeding program. Even though Zeta can be a handful to deal with in everyday life, as a dam she is very attentive and loving to her puppies.
At present she is taking some time off breeding and is playing the 'grandma' role instead.


Scout di Villa Bosi (RSR di II generazione)
Born on 26th April 2007
Miss Moneypenny (di Moncalvo) x Lantaka Nightingale
RSR n. LI0817915

In every one of Penny's litters there was a tri coloured puppy with a half mask, but they were always male (first Button then Skip). This time when a fermale with those same characteristics was born, I decided to keep her: she had a very British physique with an Australian drive, and her fur was 'broken'.
In April 2010, always following Andrea's advice, I drove all the way to Normandy to breed Scout with Carter, a small, smooth coated, white tan male coming from Audrey's bloodline, thus doubling up on the outstanding "di Moncalvo" stock. In June she whelped three smooth coated puppies, two females and one male, one of the females being identical to her great great great great grandmother Betsy, Audrey's dam! Such is genetics...








Mia (di Villa Bosi) (RSR di III generazione)
Born on 15th November 2008
Zeta (di Villa Bosi) x Lantaka Nightingale
RSR n. LI09113311

From Zeta's and Nixon's first litter, I decided I would keep a female to give to my daughter who wanted 'a dog all of her own', she named her Mia and from that day they were an inseparable couple: wherever Ilaria was you could be sure Mia was very near by, be that at home or at jumping competitions my daughter used to attend at the time, having a cup of coffee with friends or shopping downtown. The day arrived though, that Ilaria left home to study abroad, and Mia found herself without her 'beacon'; in the beginning it was not easy... Today she is back in the pack, but when my daughter comes home the two reunite like old times and Mia is 'gone for the day'...
In December I decided to breed her to Apollo delle Grandi Ombre, and on 6th February she whelped three beautiful white tan females: Brandy, Beta and Blue di Villa Bosi.







Gemma di Villa Bosi - PLL-A Clear
Born on 3rd November 2012
Sax di Moncalvo x Scout di Villa Bosi
RSR 13/15996

I wanted a smooth female, as I firmly believe good smooth coats create good, dense broken and rough coats. Gemma, smooth black (tan point) tricolour was the ideal candidate. Small and sweet, she remind me of her Grandma Penny who sadly passed away on March of 2013.


Dama di Cuori del Sacro Romano Impero - PLL–A Clear
Born on 30th March 2012
Adone del Sacro Romano Impero x Gardaland di Sutri
ROI 12/92520

Gardaland di Sutri, Dama's dam, was purchased by my friend Melissa Leigh Wilson in Tennessee (USA). When I was told Dama was for sale and I saw her photo, I decided there and then that I had to purchase her to bring in new blood to my line. She is a wonderful dog, with a great character and a fantastic sense of humor!





Blueberry Dream (Mirtilla) - PLL–A Clear
Born on 27th April 2010
Waikiki Beach di Sutri x Lantaka Victoria
LOI 10/109386

Paola Lops, Mirtilla's previous owner, was aware of the fact that having spayed some of my older bitches, I was looking for new bloodlines to bring into my breeding program; she suggested I take Mirtilla as she already had her hands full and she knew the bitch would have a good life at my home. She is a small, compact rough coated bitch, weighing in at 5.6 kilos; she was bred to Lantaka Nightingale and produced four wonderful puppies on 15/09/13: three males and one female who look very promising.





Joie de Vivre di Villa Bosi “Joy”
Born on 23 September 2013
Sup Aust Ch Whatajack Rebel x Zeta

Joy is our little champion. With a remarkable “show attitude”, during 2015 she became champion in Argentina, Chile and Peru, as well as Champion of the Andes at the Americas y El Caribe Show of 2015 in Santiago de Chile. As she still does not have a full pedigree, she will never claim the 6 CACIB certificates obtained this year in international shows, but she will always be our special champion










Marmore@Noon “Mela”
Born on 6 november 2014
Deceased on 23/01/2017
WW 2015 Ch Jonu’s JR Django Unchained x Blueberry Dream

Since I met Django, Mela’s sire, I thought he epitomized the “perfect Jack” and as soon as I had the occasion I used him on Mirtilla, and I do not regret it. Mela is a light female who I am sure will have beautiful puppies if mated to the correct male who will correct her light bone structure. She has a beautiful character, playful and happy and is very sweet, the perfect puppy sitter.








RadioGaGa di Villa Bosi "Kuki"
born on 25 september 2016
Blueberry Dream x Jumping Jack Flash di Villa Bosi

Born of the mating between Blueberry Dream and Jumping Jack Flash di Villa Bosi, Kuki represents the future at Villa Bosi. At barely 7 months of age, she became Interra Hope Winner 2017, and was placed BIS2 twice during the same weekend. She is a very correct, spunky little girl who I am sure will give great satisfactions both in the show ring as well as in working trials, following in her Sire's footsteps.

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