Word of mouth

Silvia (Firenze), 3/5/2010
"Nina grows and she's more beautiful every day (...). She's marvelous and we are very happy to have her here. Again thank you for having given us this treasure!"

Simona (Ravenna), 12/10/2010
"Torta is everyone's dear! Thank you for giving me this sweet girl who keeps me company!"

Ilaria (Ferrara), 15/1/2011
"I am more than happy, we are getting along very well! Thank you for everything! My puppy is more beautiful every day!"

Michela (Padova), 19/2/2011
"I wanted to congratulate you on Andie, you have given us an extraordinary puppy, very sweet, and very very amusing. We couldn't have found any better... Hugs."

Riccardo (Milano), 22/8/2011
"Cocò is fantastic! We took her with us all this summer and she was the joy of everyone! Ingrid and I thank you again!"

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